The Borg Lab

Siddharth Choudhary

I am a PhD student in the School of Interactive Computing, which is a part of College of Computing at Georgia Tech. I am associated with Cognitive Robotics and BORG lab and I'm being advised by Henrik I. Christensen and Frank Dellaert. I am also affiliated with Institute for Robotics and Intelligent Machines and Computational Perception laboratory

 You can acess my personal website at:

Conference Papers

Choudhary S, Indelman V, Christensen HI, Dellaert F
Information based Reduced Landmark SLAM, Choudhary, Siddharth, Indelman Vadim, Christensen Henrik Iskov, and Dellaert Frank , ICRA, (2015) Abstract
Choudhary S, Trevor A, Christensen H, Dellaert F
SLAM with Object Discovery; Modeling and Mapping, Choudhary, Siddharth, Trevor Alexander, Christensen Henrik, and Dellaert Frank , IROS, (2014)
Choudhary S, Narayanan PJ
12th European Conference on Computer Vision - ECCV
Visibility Probability Structure from SfM Datasets and Applications, Choudhary, Siddharth, and Narayanan P. J. , 12th European Conference on Computer Vision - ECCV , Florence, Italy, (2012)
Choudhary S, Gupta S, Narayanan PJ
ECCV 2010 Workshop on Computer Vision on GPU
Practical Time Bundle Adjustment for 3D Reconstruction on the GPU, Choudhary, Siddharth, Gupta Shubham, and Narayanan P. J. , ECCV 2010 Workshop on Computer Vision on GPU, 09/2010, Crete, Greece, (2010)


Choudhary S
Improving the Efficiency of SfM and its Applications, Choudhary, Siddharth , CVIT, IIIT-H, 07/2012, Volume Master of Science (By Research), Hyderabad, (2012)