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4D Cities

Unlocking the Urban Photographic Record through 4D Scene Understanding

There is a growing need for novel ways to access the exponentially growing archives of historical imagery. It is imperative to go beyond cataloging, indexing, and keyword driven databases, to a paradigm where the computer at least partially understands the content of images. Pushing the state of the art in scene understanding and 3D modeling will enable radical new ways to view and experience historical and/or temporally varying imagery. The research described here aims at building time-varying 3D models that can serve to pull together large collections of images pertaining to the appearance, evolution, and events surrounding one place or artifact over time, as exemplified by the 4D Cities project: the completely automatic construction of a 4D database showing the evolution over time of a single city.
To learn more, check out the videos and slides from our CVPR 2010 talk, "Probabilistic Temporal Inference on Reconstructed 3D Scenes" below:
Slides: [PDF] [PPT]

This project is partially funded by NSF and a gift by Microsoft Research.


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